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Shamanism and Drumming

The Modern Shaman

Shamanism is a 100,000 year old tradition of knowledge. However, the modern Shaman may use a computer, the internet, cell phone, a drum, and various other technologies. Shamans were the first healers also known as medicine doctors. Shamans were responsible for the physical and mental or spiritual health of people in their community. The Shaman facilitates a patients's connection to nature. The patient must leave his/her ordinary state of reality and enter into an altered state of reality whereby recovery begins. Don Eduardo Calderon, the Peruvian Shaman, believed that ill people must also discover their own power as healers, for it is the patients who heal themselves, not the Shaman or medical doctor. Shamans believe that the mind is able to travel to alter states of consciousness and travel through time and space to obtain a vision of the future and change the outcome of the future. This concept is also seen in quantum physics whereby there are infinite possibilities that condense into one reality.

Altered states are achieved through drumming and rattles which release endorphins. Researchers have found that when a drum is played at an even tempo of three to four beats per second, most people can journey successfully even on their first attempt.

Animal Power - journeying in three levels:
Upper - meet the masters
middle - this reality
lower - meet your power animal

Shamans listen to the spirit animal and no one else.

Shamanism is not a religion, rather it is a strategy of gaining knowledge and wisdom.

Shamans are known as the wounded healers because many of them experience near death experiences before becoming Shamans. They come back and realized how precious life is. They come back with a gift to heal others.

Life is a dream - you are being dreamt and your also dreaming.

If you enter the world of dreams, you can alter reality because everything is a dream.

Everything in Shamanism is experiential - the answers are within yourself.

Everyone is interconnected.

Shamanic Fire Ceremony
The Shaman is the keeper of an ancient tradition and body of knowledge. The Shaman (healer) essentially helps others to heal themselves and to heal the Earth. Every full moon, Shamans all over the world perform a transformational fire ceremony. The Shaman calls upon the forces of nature and the waters that run under the Earth to facilitate our transformational process. People chant and approach the fire, one by one, placing our offering into the fire. This offering represents the aspect of ourselves that we are asking to transform. We know that the Great Spirit has accepted our offering when our offering burns in the fire, but as we then pass our hands in the fire, our hands don't burn. We have become one with the flame as we bring it to our third eye, heart, and solar plexus. We then offer healing for others in our lives, and close the ceremony with an offering saturated with the healing energies of the group, to heal the Earth. The Shaman is the caretaker of the Earth, and vows to heal the Earth.

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