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Journey of the Seasons

Excerpted from the book "Journey of the Seasons."

Our journey will follow the path of the American Indian Medicine Wheel, a living tool as we travel to each direction. The attributes of the Medicine Wheel varies from culture to culture. Some common thoughts are the principle that life is a circle and that the four directions stand for North, South, East and West with Mother Earth being below and Father Sky being above. The Medicine Wheel can be seen as a mirror that lets us see inside us and our society in order to develop, realize, and become our potential. As we grow, we change like the seasons, passing through the sections of the circle, learning from each direction. I have chosen the animals that seem right for me. From what I have read, the Medicine Wheel journey begins in the South. However, I have chosen to begin in the East because it represents spring and new beginnings.

Our journey begins in the spring in the direction of the East on the Medicine Wheel from where the sun rises and we begin a new dawn. Each day is new with a fresh beginning. New ideas come to light and all things begin to grow and awaken. The sun rises in the East and empowers us. The archetypes of the East are animals with wings such as, the eagle, the hummingbird, the owl, and the hawk. I have chosen the eagle as the archetype that represents the direction of the East. We will call upon the eagle to help us create a vision for ourselves. We will look ahead to the future and create our destiny for ourselves and for our planet. The East represents air and flight.

In the summer, the journey continues in the direction of the South on the Medicine Wheel where we transform into the fruit of our labors. We mature and grow into an adult in the time of mid-day, the hottest part of the day when the sun is overhead and casts no shadows. It is a time to accept the change, and learn and understand. The archetypes of the South are animals that represent pride, strength, and courage such as, the lion, the serpent, and the wolf. I have chosen the serpent and the lion as the archetypes that represents the direction of the South. Traditionally, only one animal is chosen to represent a direction. We will call upon the serpent to help us disconnect from our past life karma and to set us free on our path. We will shed our skin as the serpent does. One cannot build without sweeping away the clutter of what existed before. We will also call upon the lion for the strength and courage to strip away the past and plunge forward into the fire. The South represents fire and passion.

In the fall, the journey continues in the direction of the West on the Medicine Wheel where we are in an age of maturity, the time of the setting sun. Daylight fades and brings a new awareness. When darkness comes, we must look inward to find light and courage in the emotional part of ourselves. It is the place of emotions, family, and love. The West is where we learn that we are responsible for all things and each other. It is a time to prepare and finish for the coming time of winter. It is a time of hard work and team effort. The archetypes of the West are animals that represent spiritual awakening, team work, and preparedness such as the beaver and the jaguar. I have chosen the Jaguar and the Beaver as the archetypes that represents the direction of the West. The jaguar has its hind legs in the physical and his forelegs in the spiritual realm. We will call upon the jaguar to help us prepare to die and leap into spirit, awakening to the understanding that there is no death since we are already one with spirit. We will call upon the beaver to help us understand that we are one and should work together for the greater good. This direction is a place of initiation for the spiritual warrior. The West represents water and emotions.

In the winter, our journey will end in the direction of the North on the Medicine Wheel where we get older and our hair turns white. With the experience of age we gain wisdom and have time to reflect upon our lessons. The direction of the North represents purity and wisdom, a great place of healing. The time is after midnight, a dream time. This is a time to go deep within ourselves, like a bear in a cave. The archetypes of the North are animals that have a layer of fat to sustain them through the winter such as the white buffalo, the horse, the moose, and the bear. I have chosen the white buffalo as the archetype that represents the direction of the North. We will call upon the white buffalo to take us to the Crystal Cave where the Masters sit and we will sit among them and ask them to teach us of the higher knowledge. The North represents Earth and wisdom.

Self Portrait as the Journey begins

Medicine Wheel

Spring: A Dreary First Day of Spring

Spring: The Fist Buds of Spring

Spring: Hawk

Spring: Falcon

Spring: Owl

Spring: Oooh that Ant

Spring: Dandelion Clock

Summer: Orange Asiatic Lilies

Summer: House Plant Growing

Summer: Spectacular Clouds

Fall: Autumn Sunset

Winter: Snow, Snow, and, more Snow

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